How can I comply with the GDPR?

The GDPR covers various aspects related to data. To be sure to take into account all the aspects treated by the company, the best is to start by carrying out an audit of the situation of the company with regard to data.

Once this audit is completed, it will make it possible to draw up an action plan with the priority elements to be implemented to guarantee the compliance of the company. For this, it is best to take each major principle of the GDPR and apply it taking into account the environment of the company and its position vis-à-vis the data it collects and processes.

At the end of this work of compliance, it is necessary to keep all the proofs of the elements implemented in this context in the event of control by the CNIL. In addition, you can use a service provider who will list and implement all the elements of compliance with the GDPR in the company. ZE-Company offers you a comprehensive service in this regard.