What is Search Engine Advertising (SEA)?

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) or Pay-Per-Click Marketing is an important tool to increase traffic on your website. Indeed the results of Google searches are divided into two parts: Adwords Ad and SEO results :

  1. Adwords results (top of the results page with yellow label “Ad” and the column on the right side of the page), which may also be called “sponsored links”.
  2. results related to Search Engine Optimization (in the middle of the results page)

Search Engine Advertising is therefore an effective way to appear in the top results of Google searches because it targets users based on their research.
However, this technique can quickly become very expensive and is only valid in the short term.
Indeed, Google makes profits of his search engine with what advertisers pay for the “clicks” made from the keywords purchased through governance Adwords. You pay a certain amount depending on the competition on the keywords searched and the number of “clicks” (visits) you wish to purchase.
For example, if your budget is 100 € and that one click (that is to say a visit) will cost 1€ (prices vary depending on the competition), you will get only 100 visits. Once these 100 clicks made, your budget is exhausted, and your website is no longer referenced. Therefore, you have to be always present and well referenced on the search engine not to add more credit than desired visits.
So you are in control of your advertising budget, but if you want to be on the long term, the bill can quickly become hefty! This means of communication is more suited to what is called “publicity stunts” or of activation campaigns.