What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The Search Engine Optimization is the solution that allows users to access your website while reducing your spending.

There are four different ways to access a website:

  • know the URL of the site and type directly into the address bar of the browser
  • via an external link on another site
  • by scanning with a QR code with a smartphone (bar code) that sends directly on the site
  • with a search engine (like Google) by typing an expression of targeted keywords

The goal of SEO is to find you on a search engine or via key expressions related to your business. Indeed, a person not knowing the name of your company or your website but looking for a product or service in your industry will use a search engine to find what he wants (like hairdresser in Paris). So if you are not present at least on the first two pages of results, chances that you are found are non-existent. About 92% of users never go beyond the first page.
We are committed to make an optimal SEO on your website, payable only if the objectives we have set are achieved.
In addition, with SEO, you only pay once to be on the first page and you do not need to do anything else, we take care of the rest.