Others FAQ

You will be connected directly with the manager M. Gourvenec who will follow your file all along the service.

To create a website you pay a payment of 30% upon acceptance of the quote then 30% on acceptance of the model. Finally, you pay 40% upon the remaining delivery of the site.

Regarding SEO services, you pay a 40% deposit on acceptance of the quote and 60% in view of the results.

These particulars are on a due payment basis and may change depending on the service.

Yes, customers are more fond of pictures and videos than text. Referencing images on Google Pictures is significant for SEO of your website.

No, ZE-Company owns your domain name. However, you can ask to own it.

No. It is not obligatory to meet us directly. We will contact you by telephone and / or video-conferencing. However in some cases it will be necessary to come.

No. You can ask us as many quotes as you wish, it doesn’t engage you.

You can access your mailbox from wherever you desire. We help you configure your usual email software if necessary.

When creating or referencing a site, we create a Google mail address that you can use. To benefit from one or more email addresses of the type [something] @ [yourdomain] you need to choose the corresponding option.

Yes. You can choose yourself the domain name that you prefer especially if you have already booked one. We will still propose other domain names that seem more suitable for a good SEO.

It depends on the type of website you desire. A website based on a simple model will necessarily be faster to set up than a website with an original design or an e-commerce website.

It depends on the role you want to give your website. From a simple showcase website presenting your company to an e-commerce site with a multitude of references, prices vary. It takes at least 800 € HT for a simple showcase website of 4 pages, but for more information on the offer that suits you best, refer to the page that our website creation offers.


Search Engine Marketing FAQ

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method, a process, which improves the visibility of a website on the web positioning effectively in the 1st results of the search engines (Bing, Yahoo, and mainly Google …). By referencing you in the top results for a keyword phrase (CET), your website will be seen and accessed by the greatest number of users. This process becomes important in any business strategy. We can use this ranking technique on Google, when creating a new website, but it is also possible to work on an existing site.

SEM – The power of Google

Google is the leading search engine on the web and it is the most used website in the world. It is consulted daily by more than 9 out of 10 users in France and received over 2,000,000 requests each minute.

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Today, the majority of Internet users use search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo …) to find all kinds of information or answer different questions and using targeted keywords. This is why being on the web with optimal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google is now a powerful way of communication, which ensures a 24/7 visibility without effort. This results in the acquisition of an immense potential to arouse the curiosity of users, attract and retain new customers. An optimal Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website should be seen as a long term investment rather than a wasted expense.

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Ask for SEO diagnosis and personalized quote

SEO is an english abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and is translated into French by “référencement naturel”


From the moment we submit your site to search engines, after our action SEO, it takes about three weeks for it to appear on the first page of Google. This period depends on the referencing expressions chosen for your website (1 week to 2 months), according to the selected geographic scope and market competition.

Depending on your business you may offer different keywords for your SEO. Then we have tools allowing us to know what expressions are more or less pertinent for your business (average monthly searches) and thus to define with you what keywords to use for SEO website.


No. We ensure the first page but not the first result. In fact, SEO is in constant evolution. If a competitor is working on its site, his SEO may be done before we work on positioning your website. SEO is a work of every moment and the website in the first place for a keyword phrase changes regularly.

Of course. In case your website is a multilingual site we can reference it in several languages. Then we just have to define pertinent key expressions in the target language.

To have a look at our capacities to improve the visibility of a website in Google’s results, you can visit the page on our results of SEO or search by yourself an expression referenced by us on Google.

No. Even if the SEO of your website is very important, you must not overlook the communication around it. Social networks, forums, online press articles, will help to publicize your website and will increase its reputation.

Including keywords in a domain name is always a bonus for SEO but it is not obligatory to obtain convincing results.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) or Pay-Per-Click Marketing is an important tool to increase traffic on your website. Indeed the results of Google searches are divided into two parts: Adwords Ad and SEO results :

  1. Adwords results (top of the results page with yellow label “Ad” and the column on the right side of the page), which may also be called “sponsored links”.
  2. results related to Search Engine Optimization (in the middle of the results page)

Search Engine Advertising is therefore an effective way to appear in the top results of Google searches because it targets users based on their research.
However, this technique can quickly become very expensive and is only valid in the short term.
Indeed, Google makes profits of his search engine with what advertisers pay for the “clicks” made from the keywords purchased through governance Adwords. You pay a certain amount depending on the competition on the keywords searched and the number of “clicks” (visits) you wish to purchase.
For example, if your budget is 100 € and that one click (that is to say a visit) will cost 1€ (prices vary depending on the competition), you will get only 100 visits. Once these 100 clicks made, your budget is exhausted, and your website is no longer referenced. Therefore, you have to be always present and well referenced on the search engine not to add more credit than desired visits.
So you are in control of your advertising budget, but if you want to be on the long term, the bill can quickly become hefty! This means of communication is more suited to what is called “publicity stunts” or of activation campaigns.

The Search Engine Optimization is the solution that allows users to access your website while reducing your spending.

There are four different ways to access a website:

  • know the URL of the site and type directly into the address bar of the browser
  • via an external link on another site
  • by scanning with a QR code with a smartphone (bar code) that sends directly on the site
  • with a search engine (like Google) by typing an expression of targeted keywords

The goal of SEO is to find you on a search engine or via key expressions related to your business. Indeed, a person not knowing the name of your company or your website but looking for a product or service in your industry will use a search engine to find what he wants (like hairdresser in Paris). So if you are not present at least on the first two pages of results, chances that you are found are non-existent. About 92% of users never go beyond the first page.
We are committed to make an optimal SEO on your website, payable only if the objectives we have set are achieved.
In addition, with SEO, you only pay once to be on the first page and you do not need to do anything else, we take care of the rest.

Website development FAQ

The GDPR is a new European regulation on data protection. It aims to supervise the collection and processing of personal data of European citizens by businesses.

This regulation therefore provides a set of rules and guidelines for the organizations concerned, but also recommendations for them to comply with these new provisions.

The GDPR was adopted with the aim of regulating the collection and processing of data and all related aspects. It mainly covers three objectives:

– strengthen the rights of European citizens with regard to their personal data.

– empower companies on the issue of data collection and processing.

– harmonize the regulations on the subject of personal data at European level.

The GDPR is based on several fundamental principles regarding personal data, in particular:

– the principle of finality of the data: the collection of the data must have a legitimate objective for the activity of the site.

– the security principle: the file containing the data must best guarantee the security of the data it contains.

– the principle of confidentiality: the confidentiality of data is an important element: it must be pseudonymized and / or encrypted if possible.

– the principle of relevance: only the relevant and essential data for the activity must be collected by the site.

– the principle of transparency: the site collecting data must be transparent about the use it will make of it, in particular their possible use by third parties.

– the principle of respect for rights: all rights related to data (access, rectification, opposition, deletion) must be guaranteed.

– the retention principle: the duration of data retention must be clearly indicated, and the data must be deleted once this period has expired.

The GDPR requires the company to process data in a secure, confidential manner, if possible by making it anonymous and encrypted. Likewise, the company must guarantee their safety and integrity over time.

In addition, the users’ right to information on their data is essential: they must know their rights (which are explicitly indicated on the site), have access to data concerning them, and if necessary, be able to correct them, there oppose or request their erasure.

Finally, the company must make measured use of the data it collects and processes. Thus, it must think about its new products and services by studying their impact on data, and be content with collecting only the data necessary for its activity.

The GDPR is a European regulation which applies directly to all Member States from May 25, 2018. Companies must therefore comply with it on this date under penalty of penalty.

Thus, in the event of control by a regulatory authority such as the CNIL, the shortcomings observed within the company can lead to a significant fine, which can go up to 4% of world turnover. This is why it is important to study GDPR compliance now to better prepare for it by taking the appropriate measures.

You are a company (TPE, SMEs and large companies), a craftsman, an association, an NGO or an individual, and you look for promoting? We explain why and how to create a website with an optimal Search Engine Optimization, meets these needs while improving your reputation.

Internet is a global computer network consisting of thousands of networks that never sleep. This network has become the first communication tool, because the rapid development of new technologies makes it more accessible to the greatest number (smart phones, tablets, laptop …). Always active, each user is connected to others and is free to share all types of information in total freedom and from anywhere in the world without time constraints.

Today, the creation of a website becomes therefore an essential step in any business development strategy. Some companies have understood, not being on the internet is giving way to competition.

4 main reasons to create a website:

It is an investment, not an expense. Indeed, the creation of a website is a way of communication, allowing you to limit your other expenses in this area (media and non-media). It improves the service provided to your customers and will increase your sales and your turnover.

This website is a “showcase” of your business. It is in some ways a great “business card” that describes your agency, your activities, products, prices, contact details and this 24/7 and you will realize a considerable gain of time and money, while making you more accessible and visible throughout the world (especially with Search Engine Optimization).

This website displays your reputation, develops your brand image and enhances your reputation through the use of new technologies.

This means of communication is accessible to all, effective, fast and in fashion, will market your business on a large scale and at a low cost (in the desired catchment area).

In conclusion, your website will be an important source of information for users interested in your business. Indeed, with only “a few clicks”, they can get all the information you choose to put at their disposal. In addition, it is very easy to regularly update it (CMS system), so it’s always more interactive and alive.

I want a website

Yes. It is possible to ask us to add a new page (of any type) to your website. We will then establish a new quotation.

In this case we propose default payment by check. However, we strongly suggest adding the option of paying by credit card and PayPal for your e-commerce website.

No. ZE-Company takes no commission on transactions made ​​via your website e-commerce. Be careful though there is a commission for payments via Paypal and credit card payments at your bank.