Augmented reality

ZE-Company you offers the creation of tailor-made augmented reality applications . We offer a personalized approach and specific support to carry out your augmented reality application project specific to your universe . Our AR PRINT solution offers you the possibility of revolutionizing your traditional communication methods (business card, flyer, printed matter, …).


Do you want to make augmented reality application? We have our own augmented reality reader: AR-PRINT. We offer different types of possible interactions: anchoring on the support, anchoring in the environment, display of an augmented reality video … And can respond to any specific request after studying your project.

What is it?
AR-PRINT is an augmented reality application that links any type of identifiable visual medium to augmented reality. This brand new process revolutionizes the communication of individuals and professionals. We are able to display 3D objects, videos on any visual medium. It's very easy to use. First of all you must provide us with a visual support (poster, business card, photo, etc.) and a 3D / video object. Once these two elements have been provided, we take care of linking your 3D / video object to your visual support (which will serve as a marker). You will just have to download our AR-PRINT application, scan your visual support and let technology do the rest!

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For who?
Augmented reality is for everyone and in all areas. If you want to bring a new experience to your event, your advertising campaign, etc ... we put our skills in the field of augmented reality at your service. Using our augmented reality reader AR-PRINT, we offer different interactions: display of a 3D / video object anchored on the support to be scanned, display of a 3D object anchored in the environment after the visual support scan and the display of several objects anchored on the support to be scanned. Of course, it is possible to get other interaction, the only limit is your imagination.

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Get my application
Thanks to our expertise in the field of augmented reality and the mastery of our technology, our agency puts its skills at your service to offer you the creation of an augmented reality application in your image (based on our own application to multiple interactions: display of an augmented video anchored on the visual marker, display of a 3D object anchored on the visual marker, display of a 3D object anchored in the environment). Our application is regularly updated and evolves according to each new request, as we used to say, the only limit is your imagination!

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