Why a E-commerce website ?

Our e-commerce solution is ideal for developing your business. This online store, where your products will be available 24/7, will increase your catchment area to national or international level, which will multiply your customers. Relevant and professional, thanks to a secure system of online payment and a reliable hosting for your needs, your e-commerce website will meet the expectations of your customers and allow them to make purchases with confidence.

The advantages of an e-commerce site

An e-commerce site will allow you to conquer new markets, whether at national or international level. In addition, you are never closed because an e-commerce site will help you make sales anytime and anywhere.

An e-commerce site is also practical. Indeed, this sales channel is complementary to the physical points of sale and therefore allows to be a source of information as a pure source of sale.


Our offer for creating e-commerce sites is ideal for developing your commercial activity. This online store, where your products will be accessible 24/7, will deploy your catchment area nationally or even internationally, which will increase your customers tenfold. Relevant and professional, in particular thanks to a secure online payment system, reliable hosting and adapted to your needs, your e-commerce site will meet the expectations of your customers and will allow them to make purchases in all serenity.

In addition, a dedicated member area will give you access to a customer database, gathering various information (address, email, telephone number, etc.), which will allow you to retain your customers, and offer various services (newsletter, private chat). , comments…)

Create an e-commerce site is mainly aimed at companies and craftsmen / traders who wish to launch or develop their activity.


ZE-Company offers an e-commerce site including (non-exhaustive list):
  • a home page
  • product presentation pages (photos, description, price, stock status, etc.)
  • a customer area (account creation, personal information, order history, etc.)
  • a supplier / manufacturer overview page
  • a contact form
and especially :
  • a mobile version of the e-commerce site
  • a content management system (CMS): customer database, inventory management, automatic email sending, etc.